Internal Evaluation Commission


The National Higher Education Evaluation System (SINAES), established by Law n. 10.861, of April 14th, 2004, constitutes a global, integrated evaluation system for academic activities composed by three processes: Evaluation of Higher Education Institutions (AVALIES), Evaluation of Graduation Courses (ACG) and Evaluation of Student Achievement (ENADE). In order to oversee and coordinate SINAES the National Committee for Higher Education Evaluation (CONAES) was created, working as a collegial body whose competence is establishing guidelines, criteria and strategies for the evaluation process. The evaluation of higher education institutions is one of SINAES’ processes, which develops in two parts – self-evaluation and external evaluation. Self evaluation is an oriented process adjusted to institutional missions and coordinated by the Internal Evaluation Commission (CPA), which is responsible for “conducting the processes of internal institutional evaluation, systematization and provision of information required by INEP” (Art. 11 from Law n. 10.861/2004).

The guidelines established for this process have two core goals: evaluate the institution as an integrated totality, which allows value self-analysis of the coherence between the mission and the institutional policies that are actually put in place, aiming to improve academic quality and achieve institutional development; and privilege the concept of self-evaluation and its educational practice to generate self-awareness in the members of the academic community about their qualities, issues and challenges for the present and the future, establishing institutionalized and participative mechanisms for its realization (BRASIL. Ministério da Educação e Cultura [Ministry of Education]. Comissão Nacional de Avaliação da Educação Superior [National Committee for Higher Education Evaluations ] – CONAES. Diretrizes para a avaliação das instituições de educação superior [Guidelines for the evaluation of higher education institutions]. Brasília, 2004, p. 20).

In compliance with SINAES, the Self-Evaluation Project is presented, with the understanding that, as a project, it is subject to reviews, extensions and changes during its implementation, and which seeks, in its organization, systematization, and interpretation of information, academic qualification and the consolidation of a culture of institutional evaluation to which the community can relate and commit.


The General Director of SAINT PAUL COLLEGE, José Cláudio Securato, declares the appointed the following representatives of the three segments of the academic community and of society in replacement of the previous members:

Anna Luiza Carvalho Andrade - support team
Igor Rizzeto Nogueira – Student Body
Hernani Vidigal de Padua - Academic and Faculty Coordinator
Izabel Kikuta – Administrative Technician
Tatiana Bernacci Sanchez – CPA Coordinator
Victor Lugli – Civil Society

São Paulo, August 15th, 2018.