The search for information to guide the decision-making of executives on the diverse sectors of the economy is fundamental for business sustainability.
In face of the need for deeper studies, which are applied to Brazil’s business reality, Saint Paul has created the Center for Business Research, which brings together great academic leaders and market professionals, all committed to research excellence and high academic rigor, to develop studies whose aim is offering quality technical knowledge and contribute to the development of professional, business managers and Brazilian companies.

The Center for Business Research has important national and international partners, such as the Brazilian Institute of Finance Executives in São Paulo (IBEF-SP), EADA Business School Barcelona, European School of Management and Technology (ESMT), Moody’s Analytics and New York Institute of Finance (NYIF), which contribute with relevant information and global tendency anticipation to support consolidation of knowledge of public interest, and constant curricular updating of the programs offered by Saint Paul.

The researchers have master’s and doctorate degrees in their fields of knowledge and proven professional experience on applying such topics to corporative reality.

General Coordination: Prof. Dr. Adriano Mussa, Saint Paul’s partner and academic & research director